Our experience in body composition analysis and direct contact with our customers, whether they are hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical industry, dieticians, physicians, physiotherapists and/or sports and health professionals. Added to the growing research and scientific evidence on the relationship of muscle mass, the pathogenesis of sacorpenia and obesity so intimately connected with each other.

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It has led us to identify problems and needs to which we want to provide functional solutions. Our academic training as health and food professionals has empowered to open new horizons by expanding our technological DNA toward food technology to offer the best protein solutions with the aim of helping to minimize the great and incipient rate of sarcopenia and loss of functionality in the population.

Pathogenesis of sacorpenia (loss of functionality)



Age-related obesity and muscle atrophy (sarcopenia) are intimately connected and reciprocally regulated by adipose tissue and skeletal muscle dysfunction.

During aging, adipose inflammation leads to fat redistribution to the intra-abdominal area (visceral fat) and fatty infiltration into skeletal muscles, resulting in decreased strength and ​​la general functionality.

JMM Ferreira, 2021.