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Breezing Med™ Metabolism Analyzer is a resting metabolic rate measurement system with an application installed on mobile devices that provides measurements of exhalation rate, oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production. It is used to determine resting metabolic rates, teach energy balance, and pinpoint accurate caloric intake for weight management.

In only 10 minutes, Breezing Pro precisely measures your patient’s metabolism and immediately delivers the data to the Breezing Pro app on your mobile device

In a published clinical study, patients treated with the Breezing device experienced twice as much weight loss, and 70% better adherence to healthy behaviors, with significant improvements in risk factors for Type II diabetes including HbA1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

  • Description


    • Mobile App control: Designed for both iOS and Android devices, the Breezing Pro mobile app seamlessly connects to any Breezing Pro device via Bluetooth®, and can support multiple devices in the same app.
    • Intuitive: The app walks you through each step of the test protocol to ensure you and your staff get precise results every time. No instruction manual needed.
    • Quick: Scan the QR code and insert the sensor cartridge. No calibration needed.
    • Comprehensive: Breezing Pro provides multiple data points to paint a more comprehensive picture of your patient’s health. Key metrics displayed include resting metabolic rate (RMR), respiratory quotient (RQ) and various pulmonary measures.
    • Insightful: Track each patient’s test history to compare results and track progress over time. No need to keep track of printouts, it’s all right at your fingertips.
    • Portable: The device allows you to measure your patients anytime and anywhere, and the app allows you to instantly transmit measurement data to your staff and directly to the patients.

    Breezing MedTM is a stand-alone and fully integrated mask-like wearable metabolic analyzer based on the principle of indirect calorimetry, which is a gold standard for energy expenditure measurement. Breezing MedTM is designed for metabolic rate and respiratory quotient measurement and the main outputs include Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), Respiratory Quotient (RQ), Volume of Oxygen consumption (VO2), and Volume of Carbon Dioxide production (VCO2), where REE and RQ are calculated from measured parameters VO2 and VCO2. Breezing MedTM measures the expiratory volume similar to the predicate device Medical Graphics Express® Series. Breezing MedTM consists of five components: 1) a device body; 2) a mask; 3) headgear; 4) a sensor cartridge; and 5) an application.

    A verification test of the Breezing MedTM to performance specifications derived from the predicate Medical Graphics Express series was conducted. The result of the test demonstrates substantial equivalence of the proposed to the predicate. The summary of the Breezing MedTM test results are as follows:
    • Both devices measured O2 volumes within the specified accuracy of +/-0.8%.
    • Both devices measured CO2 volumes within the specified accuracy of +/-0.8%.
    • Both devices measured Flow Rate within +/- 0.3 Lpm < 10 Lpm and +/-3% >= 10 Lpm.