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Fit3D scans motivate customers to start their journey – and that’s everything. There is nothing like seeing yourself “in 3D” for the first time.

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    Designed to perform
    • Fast. Scan AND get your emailed results in under 3 minutes.
    • Kiosk allows for customers to scan themselves, freeing up your staff for other things.
    • Handles enable unmatched accuracy of scans.
    • Cloud-based accounts allow for 24/7 access to reporting behind a safe password protected login.

    3D avatars
    It’s a shocking experience that forces people to evaluate their health & physique from a new perspective. Avatars do this. Printouts do not.
    • Show prospects what their body actually looks like.
    • Show members how their body is changing over time.
    • 3D avatars are the number 1 reason why people choose Fit3D. The accuracy is top of the line & every avatar comes with circumference measurements & body fat percentages

    Body Composition: the best predictions on lean mass & fat mass. We also show you how you compare to everyone else.

    Posture & Balance: tracks posture & balance – great for aesthetics, physical therapy, & clubs training athletes for injury prevention.
    • Compare multiple scans over time to track progress
    • Remove human subjectivity of measurement
    • Save time on every assessment
    • Easy to maintain digital files

    BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate shows client’s how their body burns calories at your resting state. Essential for clubs who want to focus on nutrition programs or weight loss

    Circumference Measurements: Consistent & fast measurements without human bias.

    Overlay: Popular feature comparison tool that shows you in 2D how you literally compare with yourself.

    Health Score: we worked with leading universities to develop a health score metric based on your body shape, which is directly inversely proportional to visceral fat. We call this your Body Shape Rating.

    Admin Portal
    • Have access to all your clients reports from anywhere, anytime from your phone or computer.
    • Set permissions for your staff as well.
    • Our admin portal gives you so much more than a PDF or a printout.

    · Autonomous scan capability
    · Handles for accuracy & safety
    · 35 second scan time
    · Non-invasive

    · 3 high resolution sensors
    · Integrated 4-point balance scale
    · Self-calibrating turntable
    · WiFi Tablet PC included

    · 193 lbs
    · Roughly 6’ x 3’ of space required




    Body position



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    Additional information

    Weight 87 kg
    Dimensions 180 x 90 cm